satfinderSatFinder - the app for self-installation and align of a satellite dish. You want to save your money, or you don't want to wait for a professional installer, your dish was moved by heavy wind, or you just want to realign your dish to another satellite. This free app will help you to solve all of these tasks, and much more.

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autoredialAutoredial - the app for automatically redial of your last unsuccessful call. It perfectly fits, if you are vainly trying to get through to a hot line, to a doctor, to a radio station/TV channel.

callloglocationCallLogLocation - So where have I been, when i was talking with James? Do you often try to recall such things? But you can't recall, because a day was hard. This free app will help you to solve all of these tasks, and much more. When you are phoning to someone the app stores your location, and you won't forget it any more.

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