Instructions on using SatFinder for Android (autotranslation)


When you run the program determines the availability of the source of origin, if found running on-line mode, if not off-line.

On-line mode

First, you must select it from the list of the satellite, which will be guidance. The indicator on the map will show your current location and direction of his companion. You have to stand next to a satellite dish and wait until the precision of the coordinates will be the best (not more than 5 m). After accurate positioning you have to fix the antenna long tapom or menu. At this point, if you have an Internet connection on the information panel shows the magnetic azimuth (for pointing the compass), distance (from you to the antenna), current direction (the direction of the antenna for you.) A map will be displayed on the indicator of the antenna, the direction of his companion, and your current location. Unless there are clear guidelines that can be customized, you can retreat to a comfortable distance (preferably at least 50-100m), to get your position was on the line direction of the satellite, with the current direction should most closely match the calculated one, than to remember or note- or this place and bring a plate for him. After that, you need to set the angle of elevation (angle of the antenna) and if necessary, the polarization (angle of the converter). Can enjoy.

Off-line mode

This mode can be used when there is no source of origin (automatically), or for pre-dimensioning guidance (included in the menu.) In the Safe Mode, you can choose any location on a map to make a long tap on it and you will get the direction indicator for this place and all the necessary parameters.


In any mode, you can show / hide the information bar or double tapom menu. And switch the map view in the settings. Also available is a button to return to the current location (for the on-line mode) and secure place (for off-line mode).

Download for Android SatFinder possible on GooglePlay.

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